Season Five - Governance

Trustees are dealing with a myriad of complex decisions at a time when investments, funding and administration are all facing challenges in what is a perfect storm for pension funds. This episode will look at the challenges trustees are facing and ask how they can adapt their governance in light of the new challenges they face.

In addition, while many in-person meetings are now being held virtually online, you may encounter situations where trustees are unable to attend even these due to illness. As a result, you should ensure that you are familiar with the provisions in relation to quorum, delegation, chair and holding trustee meetings in your scheme rules/trustee company articles.

Asking the simple questions: Do you have a deputy chair if the chair is sick? What are your quorum rules, and should you be considering creating a Covid-19 quick response sub-committee? Does everyone know what jobs others normally do and is there an up-to-date contact list for all the relevant parties, including the administrator and adviser?